The trial session is one hour long, this trial session consists of three phases, the first is spent getting a brief overview of the level the student is currently working at. The second stage is spent giving the student some questions, and the final stage is spent explaining any concepts the student didn't understand.


Trial sessions may last a maximum of an hour and a half, depending on the needs and requirements of the student. All customers must take part in a trial session before signing up for lessons with our company. This is required so we can formulate a lesson plan to show how we'll be able to help your child, and estimate the progress they'll make while receiving tuition from our tutors. If you'd like to get started without a trial session there will still be a basic assessment on your first tuition lesson. This may be in the form of a past paper, or a series of questions prepared by your tutor.

Trial Session Payment

Group trial session
  • Trial sessions are not refundable due to the nature of the work being carried out however you can rescehdule if we are given 24 hours notice prior to the trial session.

  • Small Group: 1 to 3 students.


    Medium Group: 4 to 6 students.


    Large group: 7 to 10 students.

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