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As part of our commitment to achieving the principles of effective child safety in the workplace, we recognize our moral and legal responsibility to ensure that our activities and services are designed to enhance the child safety in the communities in which we operate. We aim to ensure that our operations do not place the local community and especially students at risk of harm.




We are committed to child safety and protection. We will work with our customers, schools and the community to adopt procedures that:


  • Regulate our tutors and ensure they are CRB and/or DBS checked;

  • ensure the pupils feel comfortable and safe at all times;

  • minimize the chances of any incidents occurring;

  • regular staff meetings to ensure they understand how to tutor in a professional manner and what to do if things go wrong.





We recognize that the overall responsibility child safety and protection rests with management, who will be accountable for the implementation of this policy. These responsibilities include:


  • Resolving and investigating any incidents in a swift and professional manner;

  • liaising closely with schools and parents to ensure students feel safe;

  • regulating any discussion that takes place between a tutee and tutor via email using the admin console;


  • the dismissal of any staff who we feel may have broken the child protection policy the company operates under.


Employees also have responsibilities, which include:


  • appropriately under the statutory company child protection policy. Conducting

  • reporting any inappropriate or unusual behaviour;

  • Acting in a professional manner around all students and staff.

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